Music does many great things for us such as help us learn and provide us enjoyment. Music also helps motivate us when we are working out. While a pump up jam or your favorite dance song many not seem like something that will make your run faster or motivate you to do 10 extra pushups it certainly does help us alot.

Music Distracts

When you’re starting to feel exhausted from your workout or want to stop before your first mile is in music distracts your mind from telling you to STOP and thinking it is too tired to keep going. This can help your performance increase by 15 percent. The reason upbeat turns help us perform better is that they not only heighten our mood but give our brains more to process which increase the distraction from the exhaustion or pain that might be happening.

Music Motivates You to Work Harder

Upon hearing music the human heart wants to synchronize with the beat of the music. Therefore playing an upbeat song will increase your heart rate and motivate you to work faster. Songs between 120 and 140 beats per minute are best to motivate you to speed up your workout and push through things that might be harder. This quickens your pulse and speeds up breathing which makes for a better workout.

Helps Keep A Good Pace

Overexerting yourself for five minutes and then not being able to complete your workout is not ideal to a great workout. This will help keep your pace steady and allow you to conserve enough energy to be able to complete your workout.


  • Clip or Armband – It can be difficult to workout if you have to hold onto your device while doing so there are a couple things to make this easier. An armband can strap to your arm and allows you to run with ease knowing your device is protected and secure.
  • iPod Shuffle – While the ipod shuffle may seem outdated it is an excellent device to workout with. You can clip it on your shirt or pants and just start going. Unfortunately, you can’t select music with this device but this is also a pro in that you won’t be distracted by the screen of your iphone during your workout or be too focused picking a certain song. Just fill up your iPod shuffle with pump up music and start going.
  • Stereo – If you are working out at home a stereo is definitely the best way to go. This allows you to not be weighed down by a device or have to worry about keeping ear buds in.

Music is definitely a great motivator when working out and an easy way to pump yourself up. They allow distraction, help you keep pace, and overall boost your mood and self satisfaction encouraging you to continue to workout because it make you happy!