Naturally music pumps you up and gets you motivated to workout rather than being in a quiet room. With the New Year, many people have added getting healthy and fit to their resolution list. Studies show that music makes workouts more enjoyable, which gets you enthused to keep working out. In fact a survey reported that 9 out of 10 fitness enthusiasts agree that the right music is vital to a good workout. Good music to workout to doesn’t necessarily depend on the genre, but rather what speaks to you personally. In addition, music that has 130-140 beats per minute are generally good workout songs to listen to.

If you’re wondering what other people listen to, Spotify has been tracking users sweat, and seeing what workout songs are most popular around the world.


Songs that are most popular to work out to according to Spotify:

While people’s favorite workout artists to listen to range from Drake to The Chainsmokers, here are the most popular songs that fitness enthusiasts get pumped up to to lift weights or get their cardio in –

  1. Eminem – “Til I collapse”
  2. Kayne West – “Power”
  3. Drake – “Jumpman”
  4. The Chainsmokers – “Closer”
  5. Calvin Harris – “This is what you came for”
  6. Rhianna – “Work”
  7. Sia – “Cheap Thrills”
  8. The Weeknd – “Star Boy”
  9. Beyoncé – “7/11”
  10. David Guetta – “Hey Mama”

The best songs have fast, rhythmic, loud, and are bass-driven, which all of these songs provide to listeners. It’s no surprise that some of these popular songs are on the list, however Eminem’s “Til I collapse” from 2002 still continues to claim the title from year after year for top workout song.

Top Countries For Workout Music

Norway, Iceland, and Sweden top the charts for most avid workout music listeners and streamers. The United States falls tenth on the list of countries that stream this music from Spotify specifically. This is most likely due to the fact that the app was launched in Sweden. The top fitness country in the world is Monaco with Japan falling closely behind.
Naturally, the best music to workout to is the music that motivates you the most! These songs and artists are just a few ideas to start your perfect workout playlist. Music will keep you motivated during your workout, as well as make your brain enjoy the workout, being motivated to continue to do so.