In music, there comes a time where every artist tries to reinvent themselves. They use the events of their world to help inspire, motivate, and drive their musical talents as an anthem for rest of the general public. Whether it is a song of passion or an album of anger, these songs play more to the strings of our emotions every time we hear it on the radio. Now, of all of the artists out there, I cannot help but highlight the beauty and genius that is Beyoncé.

Just a few weeks ago, Beyoncé Knowles Carter revealed her latest visual album, Lemonade, which has sparked a large amount of theories behind the masterpiece. But before I get into the album, I first have to acknowledge the continuous growth and embodiment of the Beyoncé cult. Unlike most ‘band’ artist from the 90s, Beyoncé was able to get her wings and fly beyond the name of Destiny’s Child. Yes, the group’s rise within popularity and the music industry may have been a questionable bold move on her part, but in order for her to grow as a musician, she had to leave the ultimate hip hop and R&B trio. From there, Beyoncé was born. But it wasn’t just her looks and her vocals that made her who she is today. Instead, it was the confidence and empowerment she personified both in her music and in her image. That confidence is something that is not created. Rather it is in itself considered as a right of passage in order for her to take the musical kingdom at her fingertips.

Her solo career, while shaky at times, continued to see hurdles of success. But it wasn’t until Beyoncé paired up with Jay Z did she become the Queen B we know her today. Now, as much as we can give Jay Z and his producing talents the credit, much of her image and confidence as a strong powerful black woman shined light onto the new era of women’s rights. In addition, her power ballads like ‘Single Ladies’ characterized how you can be with a strong powerful figure without having another person carry you to the finish line.

Eventually, the power couple, while private from a majority of the spotlight, was able to showcase their relationship on a deeper level with her self-titled 2013 visual album that eventually revamped how we see music today. In the early 80s and 90s, music and music videos were seen as one. As impactful as lyrics are, the visual imagery behind each song identified a stronger appeal to the viewers. While streaming music has someone cut the underbelly of the musical scene, Beyoncé was able to revitalize the art with a cinematic vividness into her world as a wife, as a mother, and most importantly as Beyoncé.

Now, with her sixth solo album rolling out, Beyoncé has highlighted some controversial context within her life. Much of the songs seem to broach the privacy that the power couple has created for their lives by hitting topics such as infidelity. While much of this continues to be rumors, we as fans are still listening to the underling message that the pop feminist reigning goddess is showcasing in each and every one of her videos. But, even with that message looming in the air, Lemonade continues to shatter our perspective on what is perfect by documenting the truth and emotional turmoil that we as humans feel on a day-to-day basis.