With the continuation of season two of Empire, I cannot help but fear the overall direction for the entire show. While the Fox mega hit television series has provided a breath of fresh air within the realms of musical ingenuity, we also have be cognizant of the mistakes and downfalls that this show could potentially make later on down the line. Realistically speaking, we have seen a similar Fox musical series, Glee, rise within stardom only to fall with the dark abyss of low ratings and cancelations. Because of this, it brings me to my main question: Will Empire be the next Glee?

When analyzing both series individually, they are, in itself, two completely different projects. For the characters to the music, the shows are on different planets. But, to the more experienced television community, both shows do follow the same formula. The idea of holding drama and music as one has become the bread and butter of every episode within the show. While this does provide the viewers and musical community with a uniqueness and ingenuity to music, there is of course a downfall.

Similar to Empire, Glee was able to experience an incredible rise and popularity with the general public. The idea to cover consistent trending songs, especially with YouTube, the Voice, and American Idol taking the center stage of music viewership, was not just rare, but also profitable. No other show was doing something like this, which made the overall appeal for Glee that much greater. But like Icarus, the show flow too close to the sun.

One of the biggest mistakes that Glee made was that it just went over the top. While as an actor I do agree that storyline will forever play a role within the interest of the audience, we have to understand that Glee wasn’t just one of those regular shows. Instead, the show was birthed and created on the basis of music. For the writers, they seemed to have lost sight at this and like many great shows it cost them dearly.

Now I am not saying this is what is happening to Empire. In fact, Empire was able to establish itself by not just having that diversity factor, but also creating new and unique music. What I am saying is that this could potentially happen to this great show, especially the past few episodes I have seen. Since the beginning of the series, the whole concept has been based on music. The idea of performing, the confidence of making it, and of course, the importance and dedication to cultivate music within your name was simply the motto of Empire in addition to family drama and corporate business take overs. But with the drama adding up, within the plot, I do not want to see the writers overlook the music within Empire. Like it or not, the performing actors and characters have officially established themselves as musicians within the entertainment industry. When fans tune in, they are tuning in to hear a new song as well as see what will happen with the Empire kingdom. With that being said, I look forward to what the rest of season two will bring to the table. I just hope that they understand the importance that the musical side brings to their popularity.