America’s Got Talent has started its twelfth season with a bang, thanks to the influx of insanely talented child, teen, and adult contestants who have all made their way through the rounds with ease.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some America’s Got Talent performances that truly surprised me:

Darcy Lynne Farmer

This precocious young girl amazed the judges with her flawless ventriloquy act, in which she belted out “Summertime and the Living is Easy” — all without moving her lips. Darcy performed so well that she received the Golden Buzzer — a free direct pass to the live shows — from judge and former Spice Girl Mel B.

Demian Aditya

This Jakarta, Indonesia, native left the judges on the edge of their seats as he performed a life-threatening escape trick for only the second time. With his worried wife waiting in the wings, Demian was chained by the arms, legs, and neck inside a glass box. If he did not escape by the end of his 2-minute time limit, he would be crushed by approximately 800 pounds of sand. I suggest you watch Demian’s audition for yourself in order to find out how it ends.

Preacher Larson

This stand-up comedian performed his routine for the judges on his 26th birthday — and it was a birthday he will likely remember as one of the best of his life. Not only did he leave the audience in stitches, but he also left the judges wanting more — even Simon Cowell asked for another joke. Needless to say, Preacher Larson will be a contestant to keep an eye on.

Yoli Mayor

This audition was especially unique, as it began with the contestant being stopped by Simon for being unauthentic. However, after choosing to sing her second-choice song — and a small makeover from Tyra Banks herself — Yoli went on to amaze the audience and the judges with her voice, persuading them all that she could be a successful recording artist.

Evie Claire

If this audition does not make you cry, nothing will. This 13-year-old girl stood in front of the judges and bore her soul, revealing that she was singing for her father, who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer a year prior. After taking a moment to collect herself, Evie delivered a breathtaking performance of “Arms” by Christina Perri before moving on to the next round.