Sergio Ristie: Kidz N Funk

Sergio Ristie profileKidz N Funk is Sergio Ristie’s project to educate, motivate and inspire kids. What are the main goals? To motivate people to be healthy through music. To teach them from a young age to be passionate about what they love and to spark that interest, whatever it may be. By keeping the energy extremely high and giving 110% during each and every performance, Ristie The Band gets people up and moving.

Kids often find themselves unmotivated, but this doesn’t need to be the case because anything can motivate them. Music just happens to be one very effective way. There may be too many ways in which children can be stagnant these days, with an endless number of video games to play and TV shows to watch, but by sparking their interest and providing a solid role model, one can encourage them to get up and out. Motivation quickly turns into self motivation when one is following his or her own passion.

Health and fitness have always been important to Sergio Ristie. Raised in a secure and loving family, health and nutrition were a part of daily life. He was taught to be outspoken and expressive about things he cares about, and music became an excellent outlet. Sergio’s music, beliefs and mission all come together with Kidz N Funk.


One thing that often hinders people who are trying to live nutritious lifestyles is that they put too much pressure on themselves. They put themselves on a meal plan or a diet and become discouraged when they break it. If you’re on a diet and you find yourself off track, just get back on it. Nutrition should not be a crash diet or a fad, but a daily lifestyle.


Sergio Ristie comes from a legacy of education. His mother was a teacher, and therefore he has always had a special interest in the well-being and health of children. The best way he can benefit them is by sharing his expertise in health, nutrition and fitness. He wants to honor his mother’s legacy by educating kids in the best way he can, and by motivating them and providing a solid role model. Kids today may be suffering a little bit from cultural stagnation, but all they need is the encouragement to discover their passions, and the bravery to follow them. With Kidz N Funk, Sergio Ristie seeks to teach kids these important values.

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Ristie The Band

Ristie The Band, brings a new sound that incorporates old school music in a new and innovative vibe, a multi-era blend. Ristie The Band, brings a level of energy to the art of performance that has yet to be seen.